Alex Marsh

Pleased to meet you.

For many years, I worked in London ad agencies, delivering solutions for big-name clients such as Hotpoint, the Bank of England, the Audit Commission and Lloyds Pharmacy.

I became freelance back in 2003, and have nearly two decades’-worth of satisfied clients to my name now, pretty well all of whom came via personal recommendation or word-of-mouth.

In parallel, I created one of the UK’s best-known early blogs, the now-retired ‘Private Secret Diary’ (“A modern-day Mr Pooter” – Independent on Sunday). With tens of thousands of readers and a place on the Observer’s ‘The World’s 50 Most Powerful Blogs’ list, it led to all sorts of interesting things. I went on to write a couple of books that were endorsed by some fairly respected names: well-known personalities and writers from HBO/Sky Atlantic, Faber & Faber and BBC4.

I’m based in Norfolk. Some of my clients are in the East of England; others are in London or further afield; a big one is in Scotland. I service them via email, telephone and the Internet. That’s how I keep those project costs down.

I’m reliable, I’m business-focused and I’m organised. I hope that I’m friendly and personable in the process.

I might challenge you gently if I feel that you could do something better; I’ll appreciate the business pressures that rarely allow those ‘ideal world’ scenarios.