Alex Marsh

Why ‘and more’?

Firstly, because much of my work doesn’t fit traditional ‘copywriting’.

Take social media, a huuuuuuge overlap with the traditional ‘craft’. You’ll sometimes find me managing feeds in the guises of retired Colonels, incompetent managers and a raft of other endearing characters. All to do with promoting some of the UK’s best-known board games. I get involved with project management. Photoshoots. Web development. Ideas. Essentially, all the STUFF that your business needs.

Secondly, because copywriters tend to be the last people to be employed. You know: the marketing objective’s been agreed; the designer’s done their designing, and left a little blank gap for the words. Whereas often I’m involved at a far earlier stage – when a company’s pondering: what do we do to get this across to people?